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Pa. House Bill 2291

I got an email today about Pennsylvania House bill 2291 capital budget.  A few items are included of interest to Frankford residents.

  • Construction, infrastructure and other related costs for the expansion and renovation of the Aria Health Frankford Campus Emergency Room $4,800,000.
  • Construction, infrastructure and other related costs for the Frankford Friends School expansion project $750,000.
  • Construction, redevelopment, and other related costs for the Frankford Senior Living Facility $850,000.

Read the bill its fascinating as usual.

Aria Health is seeking community support for their project.  They have supplied templates for your use, should you wish to go on record with the Governor, Senator Mike Stack or Senator Tina Tartaglione as supporting the project.

6 thoughts on “Pa. House Bill 2291

  1. kewel!

  2. […] we previously reported, PA House bill 2291 included much needs funds for the proposed addition to Frankford Friends.  The addition requires a […]

  3. HB 2291 contains funding to push forward 4 more SEPTA parking garages that will devalue our public transit system. I encourage you to contact your state Senator and tell them to ammend this bill by removing the line items for the parking garages.

    Constructing large parking garages in mature, built-out inner suburbs, to house vehicles away from their home stations, results in more VMT throughout the region, increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions, and is not consistent with progressive public transportation, environmental and energy goals. Such a policy, of which the proposed garages at J-W and Glenside stations are a part, is a misappropriation of our tax revenue and will only further encourage rail riders to drive away from their local stations. It is imperative that our tax dollars be used for projects that will increase use of public transit – expanding rail lines and increasing commuter rail service at local stations.

    Many alternatives exist for the Jenkintown garage:
    – A garage at Warminster, where the demand is
    – Having trains make more stops at Elkins and Melrose park
    – Improved frequency of service on the branch lines
    – Increased parking fees at Jenkintown
    – Re-extending the Fox Chase line north, towards Newtown, on SEPTA’s right-of-way

    1. To transport distant riders to the city a few minutes faster, many SEPTA rush hour trains now bypass several stations where there are empty parking spaces, again forcing more people to drive elsewhere.

    2. SEPTA has closed many stations where riders could park or walk, forcing them to drive farther.
    This includes 12 stations on the SEPTA owned Fox Chase-Newtown line, which SEPTA illegally closed in 1983, and is in areas which have grown over 220%!

  4. Um, SEPTA can do whatever they want. It’s their tracks, their right of way. Stop complaining and deal with it. This is a good bill providing much needed funding. My advice to the folks in newtown is to move closer. who seriously lives up there?

  5. Nothing “illegal” about it. You’re funny dude.

  6. Alot of people live there, and have been there since before their train was taken away. In fact, the Newtown/Northampton area is one of the fastest growing areas in Bucks County, with growth rates over 200%.

    You must work for SEPTA or one of the construction companies building these garages since you seem to think that $108,000 per parking spot is a good thing for us.

    SEPTA did illegally close the Newotnw line. They never held hearings to discontinue service, or to abandon the line. That is a violation of state law, and a violation of EPA laws. So to say SEPTA can do whatever they want is inmaterial. SEPTA must abide by state laws.

    SEPTA’s collection of parking garages will further draw residents from outlying areas to stations such as Jenkintown. These commuters will be bypassing other stations because they do not have parking, or the trains don’t stop there. The best solution for the region is enhanced and expanded service on existing routes. Reducing vehicle miles travelled will save on road wear, reduce pollution and energy consumption.

    SEPTA’s garages will have the opposite effect, and will net them lower fares because passengers will be in a lower paying zone.

    Visit to learn more and get involved.

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