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Cedar Hill Cemetery 1871

Below is a story done by the Philadelphia Ledger in 1871 about the Cedar Hill Cemetery.  It’s interesting in the description of the cemetery and also the details of the Civil War Memorial.  It includes the text of the inscriptions that are now not readable.  Thanks to a good friend Kathy D’imperio.  Click on the image to get a full size view.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Hill Cemetery 1871

  1. “I love how it says “is elevated about 100 feet above the level of the Deleware river, which can be seen at the distance of a mile and a half.”

    I wonder if that’s still true.

  2. That elevation is 24 meters and drops off sharply to the East. Back in 1871 you would have been able to easily see to the river. Then to the South the village of Frankford.

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