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Center City From Orthodox and Leiper

When you live in a place for so long, you kinda forget that there are hills all around you.  Some hills you never recognize.  From Penn Street driving up Cheltenham, you’re driving up a hill until  you get to Oxford Circle.  I never noticed that until this year.  Another thing I hadn’t noticed for the longest time was a view of center city from Frankford.

At Leiper and Orthodox, you’re at the top of hill looking down, offering a glimpse of Center City from Frankford:

The tall building is The Saint James luxury apartments at 8th and Walnut.  The stumpy little building on it’s right is the James A Byrne Federal Courthouse at 6th and Market, I should know this one, because I used to be a file clerk there.

2 thoughts on “Center City From Orthodox and Leiper

  1. I walk that hill on Orthodox St. beginning at Oakland St. to Frankford Ave. just about every day. Now that I’m older, I swear that hill is getting steeper.

  2. Try the view walking over Penn street at orthodox – round the corner of the Frankford Friends School – in the winter time. You can see the lights of center city through the trees (can’t see it in the summer cause the trees are in leaf.) It’s almost magical.

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