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Saturday in the Park

From adversity sometimes comes triumph.

A few months ago we were talking about the damage some dog owners had done to Overington Park and today we had kids and pets all over.   Beneath the shade of the old tree near the play equipment the kids sprawled on the ground decorating the sidewalk blocks with chalk.  Down at the park entrance on Leiper Street was PAWS offering low cost vaccinations and microchips to a long line of dogs. Looks like we all came out winners on this deal.

I talked to Diane Kunze, Janet Bernstein and Mary Ellen Post as I sat in the shade watching the kids work on their art.  Over with PAWS, I met Kim Wolf, a volunteer, and Clinic Practice Manager Robin Ackerman.

The Friends of Overington park group is growing possibly as a result of this issue.  People love this park.   There is talk of another big event like this in the Spring.