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Crime Camera is a Dud

Crime camera corner of Frankford Avenue and Pratt Street

We got a tip that the crime camera on the corner of Frankford Avenue and Pratt Street has become no more than a useless decoration.  The word is that it does not function and has been that way for some time.

There are some cameras in the city that do not function and are intended to serve as a deterrence.  This was not one of those as far as we know.  The criminals certainly know the difference the first time the commit a crime within sight and get away with it.

What will it take to get this thing fixed?

2 thoughts on “Crime Camera is a Dud

  1. […] We noted that this camera, corner of Frankford and Pratt) was not and has not been working on September 19th.  Representative Payton’s office reported it downtown to PPD headquarters.   Seems like it […]

  2. […] been four  months, exactly, since we first pointed out that the crime camera at the corner of Pratt Street and Frankford Avenue is not working.  For a […]

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