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Reminiscence of Growing Up in Northwood

Every so often I get a nice email from somebody who reads the Gazette as a way of keeping in touch with the old neighborhood.  Bill McNamee sent me the email below:

Sorry I missed your recent survey regarding readers of the Gazette.  As a former Northwood resident now living in Swedesboro, NJ, I enjoy your updates on  Facebook.  Growing up in Northwood was the greatest; 11XX Fillmore St., playing sports at Simpson, the park, the lot, in the streets, we did it all.  We had some of the best corner stores, which provided youthful employment after the paper routes.  As a kid Frankford Stadium was like Notre Dame Stadium.  We would peer through the fence to watch #36,  Gary Hegh and legendary coach Al Angelo’s pioneers.  I can remember the parades down Wakeling Street after a win, of which there were many.

Unfortunately for the Pioneers, they had to face the mighty crusaders of Father Judge for the City Title in 1975.  Myself and Mike Mullane were the only two seniors from Judge, from our neighborhood, that year.  And Mike was the starting defensive end on that team.  You have no idea what it was like that cold December day as the Crusaders edged the Pioneers 9 – 6 for the city title.  Many and mean many of friends were not thriled with the outcome.  I myself could not contain pride and joy of beating the neighborhood’s revered team.

Sorry for going on so long about Northwood, but it was the beat of times.  Thanks again.    William Patrick McNamee.

We’ll include this on the history page for future generations.