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I Want To Talk About Frankford’s Borders

I want to start a discussion of Frankford’s borders and geography, and also about Frankford’s place in Philadelphia.  I think there are a lot of opportunities to discuss Frankford’s identity that way.  There’s a lot of interesting questions floating out there.  Is Frankford in the Northeast or North Philly?  It’s probably got more in common with Kensington than it does with the rest of the Northeast.  I don’t think most people would dispute that.  And what are the implications of that?

There’s also history to consider.  A look at Frankford’s borders are a look at it’s identity.  Where did Frankford Valley come from?  I think in the next few years there will be some interesting developments to the south, near where they built the Lowes and such.  Will the developments on the fringes of Frankford be attributed to Frankford or will they be taken away by Port Richmond or Juniata or Bridesburg.

4 thoughts on “I Want To Talk About Frankford’s Borders

  1. Frankford is the ‘Gateway to the Northeast’ and as such is considered part of the lower northeast. It is definitely not part of North Philadelphia.

    Regarding the developments on Aramingo Avenue, there will soon be a Walmart in the Lowes shopping center as well. I don’t think that will be attributed to Frankford at all – it’s more of a Port Richmond development. It’s part of the Richmond Corridor Association, I believe, and is a good ways outside of Frankford.

  2. Hey Tim, I’ve also heard Frankford referred to “the downtown of the Northeast”. On the internet, especially the forums, a lot of people don’t include Frankford in the Northeast. I think they fear Frankford’s economic misfortunes will be attributed to their neighborhoods by association.

    The commercial stuff that’s going on at Butler and Aramingo are definitely not in Frankford. I’m about to publish a post where I asked former Historical Society of Frankford archivist Jack McCarthy what is Frankford. He said that historically it’s the Frankford Creek. In which case the commercial development going on down in Port Richmond on Butler is only a third of a mile from Frankford’s borders. I don’t consider that very far at all.

  3. Frankford’s Boarders: My opinion

    . North – Cheltenham Ave.
    . South – Adams Ave.
    . West – Castor Ave.
    . East – Torresale Ave.

    Frankford is considered the “Lower Northeast”.

  4. I think a lot of people would agree with you Lorraine. Question: What neighborhood is east of Torresdale Ave? Do you consider it Bridesburg? I know there’s something called “Frankford Valley” but have never actually dug into it.

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