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Illegal Art Holiday Night Club Ordered To Shut Down

John Loftus reports in the Northeast Times that the unlicensed club operating out of the Art Holiday has been told it is no longer allowed to operate.  Apparently it’s been going by the name Eminence Hall.  We were the first to report that a shooting that happened by Womrath Park on October 15th involved the club’s patrons.

This is exactly the course of action needed to keep Frankford from sliding any further into the abyss.  Many thanks to the West Frankford Town Watch for spying on this situation.  And it’s great to see our civic organizations able to hold our officials accountable.  But we have to keep an eye on this place in the future.  Anybody seeing anything unusual should definitely let us know.

5 thoughts on “Illegal Art Holiday Night Club Ordered To Shut Down

  1. Jim,

    Shutting down nightlife options is exactly what we need to “keep Frankford from sliding any further into the abyss”??? I take it you’re not much of a night owl. Granted, it sounds like there were some serious security concerns with this place, which should be addressed, but shouldn’t we be trying to attract new businesses to the area? I’m a young guy living in Northwood, and am forced to go downtown if I want to go out at night. I would love to see more nightlife options in the area, preferably within walking distance so I don’t have to drive. Legitimate safety concerns aside, your stance comes off as reactionary NIMBYism. If someone wants to open a new business in Frankford, especially in an underserved area (nightlife), we should try to be supportive of those efforts.

  2. I suppose you could say that my post is NIMBYism. I think most people in Frankford react like beaten dogs when we’re presented with almost anything. We’re skittish. And the first I’ve heard of this joint was after the shooting, that’s not an awesome first impression. This operation didn’t go in front of the civic. It didn’t check in with our local politicians. Also, the building and owners have been up to shady stuff since day 1.

    I am so up for night life. You drinkin? I’m drinkin? I’m 32 and no kids, let’s party. I’d LOVE a place in Frankford. But bring me someone established. Bring me someone with a track record. I’ll take a Pat’s Cafe 2. Let’s have Jim McCarthy who’s been rehabbing buildings go partners with someone. The guys from the Globe Dye Works too.

    And I don’t think the point should be lost: It’s clientelle started a gun battle.

    What I’d like to see for the Art Holiday: Vietnamese Noodes.

    What’re you into “just tryin to party”? What’s your kind of a happening place downtown that you’d like see in Frankford? I’m a craft beer fan, so I’d go with a Grey Lodge 2, or a Eulogy. I think my wife would like to see Vango, I shudder at that though.

  3. Jim,

    All good points. I was trying to making an oversimplified point about the lack of nightlife in the area (a constant source of frustration). This place in particular doesn’t seem like somewhere I would want to go; my tastes are more in line with the things you mentioned. Still, even though that particular place doesnt work, I do like the idea of someone trying to make a go of a nightlife spot in frankford, and would love to see the day when this area becomes a nightlife destination.

    Keep up the good work. You’re type of hyper local reporting is a valuable commodity in this day and age, and I appreciate the service it provides.

  4. I think the Art Holiday and the Church Street El stop are an excellent place for something to start there. I have been seeing hipster types walking up Church Street to the El from the Globe Dye Works for a year now, and I think the location lends itself to just what you’re proposing.

    Anytime I’m up in NYC I’m amazed that there are people on the trains at all hours. I don’t think Philly has that kind of rail culture yet, but I think it’s coming. And the people I want coming into Frankford are down the path of the El by Girard and Burks.

  5. I too have no problem with nightclubs and bars being located on the Avenue. But I want the owners of these spots to be known and responsible. The problem with the Art Holiday is that the (absentee) owners had no accountability for what was happening at the club. They simply rented the hall to whomever paid the fee.

    I, like many Frankford residents, am tired of absentee landlords who think they can do whatever they want because our neighborhood is neither affluent and/or politically connected . There are way too many Illegal boarding houses, illegal multi-family conversions, & unlicensed commercial uses- all by outsiders who are seeking only to make a buck while not caring one iota about our neighborhood.

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