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Theresa Hanas to Resign as Commercial Corridor Manager

We received this news from Tracy O’Drain, Frankford CDC Managing Director:
I would like to inform everyone of Theresa Hanas’ resignation as Commercial Corridor Manager.  Although I am saddened at her leaving, I am very happy for her and wish her all the best in her future.
Theresa has been an exemplary employee with unwavering determination to get the job done.  She has had to go up against obstacles of all types and not once have I ever heard her complain.
She is out of the office this week and next week (November 19th) will be her last day.  Please feel free to stop by, e-mail or call to wish her well!
Within the next week I will be posting the job opening, but will receive resumes for the position now.  I will have a job description available, hopefully in the next few days after Theresa and I have reviewed for accuracy.
Theresa knew the Avenue and all the merchants on it.  She will be missed.  I’ll post that job description for anyone interested as soon as it is available.

2 thoughts on “Theresa Hanas to Resign as Commercial Corridor Manager

  1. Best luck in your future endeavors!

  2. Is the “Frankford Main Street” thing? I wonder how long she’s been doing that job.

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