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Friends of Overington Park

We need some help putting flower bulbs in the park. We received a large number of daffodils from PHS this week and they need to go in the ground , now. We are looking for a few hardy souls who can come out this Sat. at 1:00 to help plant them in the ground. If you could get this out to your readers, I would be very grateful. Maybe we can get help to make our spring come in yellow. Thanks, Diane Kunze, Friend of Overington Park

2 thoughts on “Friends of Overington Park

  1. I should be able to participate. How do I get in touch with the people organizing this, or is that even necessary? Should I just show up and look for the people planting flowers?

  2. Your help is welcome and all you have to d o is show up. You won’t have any trouble finding them.

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