Frankford Safe Film Location

From a good source this morning:

The film “Safe”  that has been filming around the city this past month- has set up shop at Torresdale and Church.  I believe the actual filming site is on Church Street.  I don’t know if they filmed last night or will film today (Wednesday), but all the trailers and equipment was on location last night.

This is the film on IMDB.   I’ll have a look later to see if I can get a picture.

  • Jim

    Small world, they were filming behind my job at 4th and Market yesterday. Jason Stratham is a pretty big actor.

  • Love that you guys are collecting Frankford’s film history.

    Just found out yesterday the film shoots here, but is set in NYC. Broad Street was renamed Broadway. LAME!

  • Gil

    We need a Frankford film office. Thanks to the tipster for letting us know about this one.