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Frankford Y Slated to Go to Sheriff Sale

Lorraine gave us this tip over on the message board.  The Y building is listed for mortgage foreclosure Sheriff Sale on December 7th:

276-894 4704 Leiper St.     23rd Ward 33,125 sq. ft. BRT# 882938230 Improvements: Misc. YMCA Type Masonry
THE NEW FRANKFORD COMMUNITY Y C.P. August Term, 2010 No. 000911     $178,464.93     plus interest through the date of the sheriff’s sale, plus costs William J. Levant, Esq.

3 thoughts on “Frankford Y Slated to Go to Sheriff Sale

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if someone with enough money could purchase this property, fix it up and turn it into a gym/spa that people from all over Philadelphia would pay to join? A place for adults to relax and have fun. This could be the show place of the Northeast if someone, with money, was willing to take the risk. I hate to see this mansion and that beautiful pool just decay. But I have to say that I wasn’t really happy with what the Frankford Community Development Corp. had in mind for this place.

  2. Lets just hope the hope the place doesn’t get torched like the Bell telephone buildin at Penn and Oxford did. It would be a terrible loss.

  3. The security is a problem now. The owners of the apartment house next door keep an eye on things but there are no guards and so anything could happen. The sheriff sale should clean up the title so that it may be easier to get it reused in some useful way.

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