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4403 Frankford Avenue

A stop work order on 4403 Frankford Avenue (L+I sticker is up) has been issued, but a crew of guys continues to work on the property.  It is a large property that starts on Frankford Ave and wraps around Unity Street.

From Jorge Santana to Sharon Krause, community relations officer, 15th district:

The neighbors are very concerned that the property will be a large recovery home or a beer distribution facility.  L+I instructed me to contact the 15th to have the men stopped.   I called the district and got a busy signal, so I am sending this email instead.  We need these guys to stop the work until it is fairly vetted by the community and approved by L+I.

Can you place a daily roll call on the property to ensure that work is not happening on the place.  I have been told that work was being done at odd hours, including at 10pm last night (probably to avoid an arrest or work stoppage).

Thanks in advance for addressing this issue.  A 3-1-1 complaint has also been filed.  The ticket numbers are1333382 and 1324831.

This property is buttoned up so tight, you can’t see what is going on inside.