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Coming Up at the Historical Society of Frankford

December 14th 7:30pm meeting of the Historical Society of Frankford is featuring the Aramingo Canal excavation work done by URS Corporation, Inc’s Senior Archaelogist, Douglas Mooney.  Those with questions regarding the possibility of other excavations in the area might want to come to the program and speak to Mr Mooney re this and his presentation:  “Before and Below I-95: Archaeological Discoveries from the Kensington, Fishtown, and Port Richmond Neighborhoods,” which will highlight some of the other exciting discoveries uncovered along the I-95 corridor.

The Aramingo Canal was built in 1847 in the bed of Gunner’s Run – a stream emptying into the Delaware in Kensington – in an effort to increase commerce in the area. But the creek-turned-canal became so polluted that it was covered over in 1900. Douglas Mooney URS Corporation’s Project Manager, conducted an archaeological dig in Port Richmond, unearthing a 50-foot section of the canal’s wooden wall. Artifacts from this historic excavation will be displayed and Mr Mooney will provide an update on this project.

Here is a video of last month’s meeting featuring the Pennsylvania’s VETERAN GUARD, 3rd REGIMENT INFANTRY Established 1747, a Unit of the National Guard.  Thanks to Joe Menkevich for the video.