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Frankford’s Boundaries in the Past and in the Future

We have an ongoing discussion about what are the boundaries of Frankford.  Since there is no legal entity of Frankford, it is really a matter what of what people want it to be.  That works for me.

Joe Menkevich has done a lot of research on the issue though and passed along this document which was the topic at the Historical Society of Frankford in 1922.  It’s really very interesting to read because it goes into a lot of description of what it was like at the time and how things had changed over the years.  You can read “Frankford’s Boundaries in the Past and in the Future”  here and find it in permanently on the history page.  It’s a fairly large file but well worth the download.

3 thoughts on “Frankford’s Boundaries in the Past and in the Future

  1. The descriptions given can put your imagination to work envisioning how different the geography was in those days.

    Are the other sections of the Vol 3, No 1 publication available?


  2. Using this map can help you understand the descriptions given.


  3. When I read this it really became alive to me. I can almost picture what this area looked like 100 years ago. We are working on doing more with the history corner. I’m not sure if we can get the remainder of this document though. In any case more along this line will be coming.

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