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Frankford Synagogue

Former Adath Zion Synagogue

Last year we posted about the history of the building at 4336 Paul Street.  It was built as a synagogue (Adath Zion) by the many Jewish families who had businesses along the Avenue.  When they moved the Synagogue moved with them further up into the Northeast.  Above is a picture of what it looked like last year.  Below is what it looks like today.

Are there any of our tipsters out there who know what the new use of the building will be.  It looks like another quality rehab job.  Only a block away from the other building on Church Street we posted about back in April.

Former Adath Zion 2010

3 thoughts on “Frankford Synagogue

  1. That’s a nice paint job.

  2. Mystery solved thanks to a tip from a reader. It is a church.

    This is a link to the pictures on their web site. Looks very well done.

  3. These guys own a construction company and probably did most of the work themselves.

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