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Crime Under the Blue Light

Pratt St. and Frankford Ave.

Its been four  months, exactly, since we first pointed out that the crime camera at the corner of Pratt Street and Frankford Avenue is not working.  For a while the blue light on top used to blink giving the impression that is was working but even that has now stopped.

This came to mind as I was tinkering with this new site (to me anyway) I stumbled over yesterday. provides crime data the way you wish the PPD site would.  It’s very graphic and fairly current.  Easy to use and provides useful information.

So I said to myself, I wonder if there have been any crimes committed under the blind eyes of that non functioning crime camera up at Pratt Street.  I plugged in the address and what do you know.

Well now I know but you might want to go do your own test.  While you are at it, if you want to compare crime in Frankford with say crime in some other area.  You can do that to.  Makes an interesting comparison.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. We are very thankful that the Philadelphia police allow us to access the city’s crime data.

    We also have another crime map for quick viewing-


    Colin Drane

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