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Dan Savage for City Council

Dan Savage

It seems clear that Dan Savage is in the race for City Council.  The kick off petition party will be held on February 16th.

There is a good story in the Inquirer on the council race coming up.  Read that here.

6 thoughts on “Dan Savage for City Council

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  2. Danny Savage Kick-Off Petition Party will be on Tuesday, February 15th from 6-8pm at the Juniata Golf Course Banquet Hall which is located at 1391 Cayuga Street at the Juniata Golf Course.

  3. Where have he been the last 3yrs. Now he want’s to come from N.J. and run. Good try. Go back to N.J. we don’t need you here.

  4. Danny Savage has lived in Frankford all his life. He lives around the corner from Frankford High School. He is a good man and has a beautiful house. He not only cares for the neighborhood but the kids of Frankford. Look what he did at Deni with the Deni Whiz Kids. We need more people like Danny in Frankford and I hope he wins his election for council.

  5. Councilwoman Sanchez spends more time in her HOME in Puerto Rico then she does in Philly.

  6. Danny Savage doesn’t live in New Jersey. What idiot started that rumor?? Maria Sanchez. Maria Sanchez couldn’t find anything on Savage to get the upper hand so this is what she came up with? Is she for real??? It”s like saying Maria lives in Puerto Rico not Phila.

    Danny has always lived in Frankford. Anyone who knows him, knows this. It’s a joke and the joke is on Sanchez. Maria must be really incompetent not to get her facts straight and think this bull—- would work for her. How does she manage to be a council member??? How pathetic and desperate is she to win????

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