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Gun violence turns deadly outside T&T Bar Friday night

T&T Bar, 4691 Hawthorne Street

You may have heard about the shooting over the weekend at the T&T bar at Margaret and Hawthorne.  Mike Mawson, West Frankford Town Watch, emails me when anything unusual is going on.  He sent me this one on Saturday morning:

Police responded to a shooting at about 1:40 a.m. in Frankford. A 20-year-old male was shot once in the chest at a bar in the 4600 block of Hawthorne Street. male was transported by private auto to Aria Health Frankford division.  He was transported to Aria Health hospital Torresdale.  He was later pronounced dead at the Aria Health hospital in Torresdale.   Police have not made any arrests in this case.

Then a followup on Sunday:

Christopher Spence, 20, was shot early Saturday at the T&T Bar in Frankford. He was transported to Aria Health-Torresdale Campus, where he was pronounced dead at 3:10 a.m., police said. The shooting is under investigation.  Now here is the question.  Why was this male in the bar in the first place The police have been there multiple times and the DA’s task force on nuisance  bars had shut them down in the past.  This I know first hand because myself and other members of West Frankford Town watch were there on 2 different nights when the task force shut them down.

Today the Inquirer gave a full report on who Chris Spence was and his history in Frankford.  So why was that place still open?

Click here to see the NEastPhilly piece on the news conference rally that was held at the location this afternooon.

9 thoughts on “Gun violence turns deadly outside T&T Bar Friday night

  1. What a shame that it took the death of this young man for the City to act in closing this bar that the neighbors were complaining about two years ago.

  2. Everyone that new that young man talked highly of him. RIP.

  3. It’s ironic that at the PSA1 meeting last week, the issue of these nuisance bars was discussed at length. Everybody knows what it takes to shut one of these places down. The state and the city have to work together. They seldom do until some tragedy happens.

  4. […] under “new management” with the new name “Deuces”.  This is the bar where Chris Spence was shot down only two weeks ago.  The neighborhood has vowed to keep it closed, no matter what […]

  5. Yes my son was murdered here and I have been outside this bar every since Monday when it opened. I need support, the community to come out and show support while the parties that are involved are doing what they can do behind the scences for now. ii make it my business to stay in the loop with City officials and my son’s friends who have been showing up for te last three days. what are you neighbors who live down and across the streets going to do when it hits your home. i will be a voice for my son, Christopher Spence who was going somewhere in his life and who was and is one of Frankfords heroes. “I will fight until the fight is done.”
    My son did not die in Vain. he was and is well loved by many and i will see that everyone involved with this “Death Trap” will be held accountable.

  6. Im pissed off about this bar nd how they are still lettin under age kids in the bar I knew chris for years I grown up wit him like when I heard this I was hurt I still cry bout this cuz I know if the shoe was on the other foot of anyone yall will do anything to close the bar down damn I miss chris the hood will never be the same cuz hes not they any more so as a mother of one I will ride till the wheels fall off Mrs Vese keep ur head up Chris #45 Spence is watchin over u we all know he was nd still is ur Prince I love u Mrs Vese

  7. Vez, My name is Barry I am the Pres. of Northwood Civic ,I’m very sorry about the death of your son,IF there’s any way we can help you with closeing down this scum hole so called BAR you can give me a call any time 215-533-6744 God Bless Barry

  8. […] 611 Action hearing to keep the Hawthorne Street bar (where Chris Spence was murdered) shut down is May 2nd, at 10am, in Courtroom 426 at City Hall.  Concerned citizens are encouraged […]

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