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Grand Opening – Community 360 Kidz – Afterschool Program !!

Community 360 Kidz Afterschool Program & Summer Academy
opened NOW… Academic, Social, Recreation, Gardening for grades K-6.

Grand Opening Special… $25.00 per week, per student. Free pickup
from nearby schools. Light dinner. Homework help, tutoring, arts/crafts,
computers, and exercise at nearby playground.

Stop by and see us… 4730 Oxford Ave (Oxford & Penn St-in By Grace Alone Church).

Call 267-444-1634, Andre Sawyer, Executive Director

5 thoughts on “Grand Opening – Community 360 Kidz – Afterschool Program !!

  1. Oh great!! Finally an afterschool program that actually helps with homework, tutors our kidsin weak subject areas, AND is safe and fun— all this for the low price of just $25.00 ???? Thank You!!

  2. I can’t think of a worse location for childcare. Very dangerous corner. Drug dealers, shooting, no where to safely pick up kids or park. I hope they have some kind of a security plan. Not to mention the Frankford HS students turning that route from the HS to the Arrott terminal into a danger zone the police have to monitor everyday at dismissal. I would have great concerns about safety at that location.

  3. The little church has been at that location for over a year now. The kids are likely already in the neighborhood and live in Frankford. Keeping them safely off the streets might be one benefit of the program.

  4. With all the cuts in afterschool programs and at-risk youth programs why wouldn’t you want a place that comes to enhance the community, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines, do nothing, and complain. It is an afterschool program. Frankford High students are gone by the time elementary schools get out.

  5. @ BJ I have been involved in the enhancement of the community for over 20 years, fyi not sitting on the sidelines but the fact remains it is a very deadly corner and a bad spot for a childcare facility. No doubt after school care is needed, my piont is the location is ill advised.

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