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Historical Society of Frankford Meeting

Over 30 people gathered in the auditorium of the HSF last Tuesday for the annual meeting and behind the scenes tour.  The directors recapped last years activities and programs and talked about some upcoming events.  The next few programs are very interesting to me.  If you were around during the 50s, like spy stories and know the name Harry Gold, you might want to attend.  You can get the schedule on the web site here.

Financially, the HSF is getting by, year by year.  They continue to offer interesting programs and draw good crowds.  Many of the people who attend come from afar  which is great.  The big issue is that they cannot address the needed repairs to the building with funding at the current level.  With the economy in the tank, people are not passing around big grants for that kind of thing.

Mystery chair at the HSF

I can’t walk in that place without learning something new.  Do you know why this chair is significant?  Stop by the HSF and have a look.

There are no paid directors at the HSF but special mention was made of the volunteers who do so much to make the HSF a success.

…there would be no Historical Society of Frankford without volunteers – who donated over an outstanding 4,000 hours of service in 2010. Along with the time that some board members spend above and beyond the call of duty, there is an amazing group of volunteers who work on the finances, in the library, on the collections, with the museum, and throughout the building and gardens. These include Sara Brower, Delores Charlock, Susan Couvreur, Cliff Gabrelas, Paul Galliera, Laura Hortz-Stanton, John Klak, Jerry Kolankiewicz, Brian McCloskey, and Dick Trickey. The Society extends a heartfelt thank you to them – and all of the Society’s 2010 members and supporters.