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There Were Horses in Frankford

Livery - Griscom and Overington

Livery - 4500 block of Paul St.

Yes there were horses in Frankford and thanks to Mike Finn, I can prove it.  As he suggested in a comment on a previous post, I went to and overlaid the 1895 Bromly atlas with the current street map.

It was easy and fun to almost virtually walk up and down the streets and see what was there in 1895.  No livery was shown at the back of that building on Paul Street near Kinsey.  I did find two others.

There was one at Griscom and Overington and another on the 4500 block of Paul.

You can click on those maps and get a bigger image or go to the goehistory site and have fun there.


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  1. I’m sure there were stables along Frankford Ave between Oxford Ave and Foulkrod st on the west side. These would have been next to the old hotel that was at the corner of Oxford and Frankford. The old maps show what appears to be large sized “outhouses”. I understand many farmers would stay at the hotel doing business in town and they kept their horses at these stables.


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