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Lorenzo Della Valle

On July 26, 1956 the big news in Philadelphia was that the mayor, Richardson Dilworth, was on the Italian liner Andrea Doria which had collided with the SS Stockholm the previous night.  It was the first big TV media event as the local outlets scrambled to cover the tragedy.  Among the less well known persons aboard the Andrea Doria were Giuseppe Della Valle and his son Lorenzo who had boarded in Naples on their way to Philadelphia.

Lorenzo Della Valle

Five years later Lorenzo made history in opening his own barber shop in Frankford.  Now, 50 years later Lorenzo continues to watch the parade of activity from his window on Frankford Avenue near Harrison Street.  Read the piece here by John Loftus in the Northeast Times for an update on Lorenzo.

Happy anniversary and many more to come.



3 thoughts on “Lorenzo Della Valle

  1. A good man, always helping people in the community. Congratulations Lorenzo for 50 years of service to Frankford.

  2. I love that guy, he is and old world gentleman. Not many left.

  3. Many kind thanks to the “Frankford Gazzette” and “The Times” for paying tribute to such a remarkable man. But then again, I’m partial as he’s my Dad!

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