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From Drainage Ditch to Urban Greenway

All this talk about the development of land near the Frankford Creek got me to searching for Frankford Creek Greenway.  I found this link to an EPA newsletter from the Fall of 2007.



Frankford Creek – Lost & Forgotten

1 thought on “From Drainage Ditch to Urban Greenway

  1. The Health, Safety & Welfare should always come before money.

    This EPA Report deals directly with 1101 Adams Avenue which is zoned G-2 (Industrial), and is being proposed to be converted into living quarters for juveniles.

    Since “the Bridge” has a contract with the City of Philadelphia to operate a “residential program,” and since it’s clients may be under the jurisdiction of a court order; the City should assure the health safety & welfare of the juveniles.

    I would suggest the City Planning Commission be at the next Frankford Civic meeting, as they have a “Blight Report” on the property.

    The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority should also attend as they already have a plan to make this “green-space.”

    The EPA should be first in attendance bringing the pollution reports and explain if the property is even fit for housing or what must first be done to make it so.

    The owner(s) of the property should attend the meeting, with “The Bridge” & together they should be laying out their plans to clean up the toxic waste to make it safe, before they even talk about any vote or a ZBA hearing.

    These reports and plans were in place for many years now.

    Has any of this changed? If so, someone should explain when it did and how it did.

    Who will make sure these Public Servants from the EPA & the City of Philadelphia attend the next Frankford Civic Meeting and answer these concerns?

    Will it be Councilwoman Marie Sanchez make it happen?

    Perhaps Tony Payton will step up?

    We’ll see.


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