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Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

We reported on this last October and now this week you can have a look for yourself at the Historical Society of Frankford:
On Tuesday April 12 at 7:30 PM, come out, meet the producer, and learn of the background and research done to develop this exciting PHILADELPHIA HISTORY FILM SERIES.  Producer SAM KATZ will introduce and facilitate a discussion of this documentary – the PILOT in this enlightening series.  Philadelphia residents will have the opportunity to give feedback, make suggestions, and learn more about their city in this face-to-face presentation, hosted by State Representative TONY PAYTON, Jr.
Northeast Philadelphia has played a major role in the history of Philadelphia.  The Historical Society of Frankford has been collecting, preserving, and presenting the history of Northeast Philadelphia, with Frankford as its historic gateway, for over 100 years. Those in attendance will get an insider’s look at artifacts from the Society’s Library and Museum Collections integral to Philadelphia’s history and development.

Refreshments served; members free; others $5.00 donation.
The monthly program meetings (open to the public) of the HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF FRANKFORD:  The Center for Northeast Philadelphia History are held in its own Museum and Library, built in 1930. Enjoy the Society’s collections and exhibitions as you learn something new each month.  Following each program, light refreshments are served so participants and presenters can refresh and exchange ideas on the topic.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

  1. What day and when? I know I could find that on the HSF website, but it would be a good thing to add to this page.

  2. I do not speak for HSF, as I am only a member.

    This presentation will be this Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm.

    What should be added is that State Representative TONY PAYTON, Jr. has no affiliation with Sam Katz, the movie or the Historical Society of Frankford.

    State Representative TONY PAYTON, Jr. has been solicited and has “gifted” grant money for many other local organizations, but has never given anything to the Historical Society of Frankford.

    It is my understanding (after speaking with Jorge, his aid) that Toney Payton’s aid will be providing the pop-corn.

    The Historical Society of Frankford is “a-political” and will not solicit on the basis of political party lines – ever!

    They depend upon the elected officials using common sense and to use their conscience when giving money.

    On a side note – Rep. John Taylor (after a long delay because of the State Budget Crisis), did (recently) manage to get a LARGE GRANT to the Historical Society of Frankford.


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