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Please join the Historical Society of Frankford as we continue to celebrate the life and work of Frank Furness, Warrior-Architect, during the centennial of his death.
Come and view the Society’s current exhibition, “FRANK FURNESS and NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA” focusing on Furness as a creative genius. This dynamic display includes photographs, prints, and drawings of his masterpieces — both extant and sadly defunct — with emphasis on his designs for Frankford, the rest of Northeast Philadelphia and nearby, and materials from the Society’s own collections.
We will present a videotape of our September 11th program on Furness as wartime (1861-65) patriot and compassionate hero as a member of Rush’s Lancers, featuring his receipt of a Congressional Medal of Honor. Presenters included the GAR Museum and Library, the General Meade Society, the First City Troop, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Historian and videographer Sam Katz has generously provided us with a 6-minute videotape he has produced on Furness as architect. Both tapes will run alternately in a continuous loop during the three hours of open house, and refreshments will be served throughout.
Tours of the Society’s Museum and Special Collections Library will also be offered.
Donations appreciated
1507 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124

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Historical Society of Frankford Program

I attended the Historical Society of Frankford program last Tuesday (April 12th) for the preview of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment.  Considering the rain outside, the crowd was exceptional.

Standing in for Tony Payton who was delayed in Harrisburg on legislative business was Brittany Burwell.  She made the introduction for Sam Katz.  Sam founded History Making Productions back in 2008.  His intention was to produce a multi part video on the history of Philadelphia and the project is moving along pretty well.  The episode shown last week is a kind of a pilot intended to show what the final product will be like.

HMP Pilot Web Clip_City Hall from Katz Creative on Vimeo.


The pilot was great.  It covered the period 1865 to 1876.  That is an interesting period in the history of the city and was also the time when my many of my Irish ancestors were making the great migration to Philadelphia.  The film brings that period to life very vividly.  I know a lot of details about my family history but little about what their lives might have been like at that time.  Films like this fill in the details.

Another great HSF program.  Some stills below of the crowd and Sam Katz.




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Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

We reported on this last October and now this week you can have a look for yourself at the Historical Society of Frankford:
On Tuesday April 12 at 7:30 PM, come out, meet the producer, and learn of the background and research done to develop this exciting PHILADELPHIA HISTORY FILM SERIES.  Producer SAM KATZ will introduce and facilitate a discussion of this documentary – the PILOT in this enlightening series.  Philadelphia residents will have the opportunity to give feedback, make suggestions, and learn more about their city in this face-to-face presentation, hosted by State Representative TONY PAYTON, Jr.
Northeast Philadelphia has played a major role in the history of Philadelphia.  The Historical Society of Frankford has been collecting, preserving, and presenting the history of Northeast Philadelphia, with Frankford as its historic gateway, for over 100 years. Those in attendance will get an insider’s look at artifacts from the Society’s Library and Museum Collections integral to Philadelphia’s history and development.

Refreshments served; members free; others $5.00 donation.
The monthly program meetings (open to the public) of the HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF FRANKFORD:  The Center for Northeast Philadelphia History are held in its own Museum and Library, built in 1930. Enjoy the Society’s collections and exhibitions as you learn something new each month.  Following each program, light refreshments are served so participants and presenters can refresh and exchange ideas on the topic.
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Philadelphia – The Great Experiment

I am lucky to get an occasional email from Joe Menkevich.  His radar is on duty at all times of the day and night for any news that might be interesting.  I was reading one of his this morning thinking how much he reminds me of Shelby Foote the historian from the Civil War PBS series.  (When he talks about history, it’s as if the people are still alive.) With that thought in mind, I opened another message from him this morning and found this information.  No its not directly related to Frankford but it is about the era that many of our ancestors came to Philadelphia and eventually Frankford.

The link is to a piece in the Inquirer about the documentary planned by Sam Katz, politician and business man.  The web site is here and below is a teaser from the web site.  The quality is outstanding.

The Volunteer Firefighters from The Great Experiment on Vimeo.