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Please join the Historical Society of Frankford as we continue to celebrate the life and work of Frank Furness, Warrior-Architect, during the centennial of his death.
Come and view the Society’s current exhibition, “FRANK FURNESS and NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA” focusing on Furness as a creative genius. This dynamic display includes photographs, prints, and drawings of his masterpieces — both extant and sadly defunct — with emphasis on his designs for Frankford, the rest of Northeast Philadelphia and nearby, and materials from the Society’s own collections.
We will present a videotape of our September 11th program on Furness as wartime (1861-65) patriot and compassionate hero as a member of Rush’s Lancers, featuring his receipt of a Congressional Medal of Honor. Presenters included the GAR Museum and Library, the General Meade Society, the First City Troop, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Historian and videographer Sam Katz has generously provided us with a 6-minute videotape he has produced on Furness as architect. Both tapes will run alternately in a continuous loop during the three hours of open house, and refreshments will be served throughout.
Tours of the Society’s Museum and Special Collections Library will also be offered.
Donations appreciated
1507 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124