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Historical Society of Frankford Program

I attended the Historical Society of Frankford program last Tuesday (April 12th) for the preview of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment.  Considering the rain outside, the crowd was exceptional.

Standing in for Tony Payton who was delayed in Harrisburg on legislative business was Brittany Burwell.  She made the introduction for Sam Katz.  Sam founded History Making Productions back in 2008.  His intention was to produce a multi part video on the history of Philadelphia and the project is moving along pretty well.  The episode shown last week is a kind of a pilot intended to show what the final product will be like.

HMP Pilot Web Clip_City Hall from Katz Creative on Vimeo.


The pilot was great.  It covered the period 1865 to 1876.  That is an interesting period in the history of the city and was also the time when my many of my Irish ancestors were making the great migration to Philadelphia.  The film brings that period to life very vividly.  I know a lot of details about my family history but little about what their lives might have been like at that time.  Films like this fill in the details.

Another great HSF program.  Some stills below of the crowd and Sam Katz.