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Philadelphia – The Great Experiment

I am lucky to get an occasional email from Joe Menkevich.  His radar is on duty at all times of the day and night for any news that might be interesting.  I was reading one of his this morning thinking how much he reminds me of Shelby Foote the historian from the Civil War PBS series.  (When he talks about history, it’s as if the people are still alive.) With that thought in mind, I opened another message from him this morning and found this information.  No its not directly related to Frankford but it is about the era that many of our ancestors came to Philadelphia and eventually Frankford.

The link is to a piece in the Inquirer about the documentary planned by Sam Katz, politician and business man.  The web site is here and below is a teaser from the web site.  The quality is outstanding.

The Volunteer Firefighters from The Great Experiment on Vimeo.

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