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Four Years

It was on May 25, 2007 that the first post appeared on the Frankford Gazette original blogger site.  We didn’t know what it was going to be, only that it was a start.  Since that first one, there have been hundreds of words, links, pictures and a few videos.  There have been lots of comments and suggestions and emails.  We have had a lot of people contribute tips and advice and direction and that has really been most valuable.  Special thanks to ob and LF for their contributions.  Thanks to Joe Menk for his verbose comments and historical material that we have used over the years.

We’ll continue to try to make it a community resource until something better comes along.


2 thoughts on “Four Years

  1. Love the Frankford Gazette. A great community, online newspaper that keeps us informed as to what is going on in Frankford. I’m sure it’s a full-time job reporting on all the various meetings in Frankford in addition to reporting the latest news. Everyone who reads the Frankford Gazette on a daily basis appreciates all the work that goes into making this a wonderful online newspaper. Hope you can keep at it for many years to come.

  2. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary of the Frankford Gazette! Thank you for putting your time
    and energy into this great website. I know I speak for many that we are most grateful to you for giving
    us this great resource of information.

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