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Frankford High School

Since we have had some discussion about Frankford High recently, I’m posting this link to “The Notebook” article on Rightsizing Philadelphia High Schools.  This paragraph is the most relevant to Frankford.

Frankford High is another example of a big high school (1,800) that is at or over ideal capacity (99 percent compared to the ideal of 85 percent) and in bad physical condition (66 percent FCI). The surrounding community is among the fastest-growing in the city, but almost 63 percent of the families opt out of Frankford to attend another high school. One of Frankford’s feeder schools (Smedley Elementary) is already a Renaissance charter, and two more (Edmunds Elementary and Harding Middle) are on the Renaissance alert list. District officials have hinted on multiple occasions that they may be trying to steer new charter growth to this part of the city. As part of a larger strategy to ease the pressure at Frankford, could there be a new high school charter option, perhaps as part of the Renaissance process, for the lower Northeast?