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947 and 949 Foulkrod Street

It was just about a year ago that an explosion and subsequent fire destroyed these houses on Foulkrod Street just below Castor Avenue.  Rebuilding is now underway.  There is some question as to exactly how they are being rebuilt though that has some residents concerned.  Do they have permits and are they being built in conformance with existing zoning requirements?


4 thoughts on “947 and 949 Foulkrod Street

  1. Here is an opportunity for the present members of Northwood Civic Association to step up to the plate and weigh in on a project that is actually in Northwood.

    With so much talk about Deed Restrictions, Lack of Posting the Work Permits or the Applications for a Zoning Variance – and all is silent – except the hum of the diesel engines on the cement mixers.

    I would expect the NCA to weigh in – or perhaps they have no weight at all -except if one could weigh hot air.



  2. The Board of NWCA has been on top of this sitution since day one ,I don’t think we need any advice from any XXXPres. that was thrown out on his arse ,because he he didn’t know how to run all the eight members that would sit there and listen to his HOT AIR . That job will be handled like the rest, Also we don’t need any words of WISDOM from Len Willams ,We already heard enough at zoneing . Get back to your NHA and fix things with your three members NWCA IS doing fine….Barry not Emertius But Pres. NWCA

  3. A zoning variance is not needed to construct a 3 story home here as there are already 3 story homes on the block and in the neighborhood. Including the self titled President Emeritus’ home, and my home as well. They should have the permits posted for the construction of the new dwelling and if they don’t they may have a problem. Philly311 must have gotten calls from the neighbors by now about this so L&I should be out to inspect. Post your 311 reference #’s on here so we can track the progress of L&I’s visit to the property. Or maybe 311 was never called yet and everyone is just complaining without having any facts; or maybe you think 311 just doesn’t work because you just know it doesn’t. For now this property owner is doing nothing wrong, and rebuilding can only be a good thing unless you like burned out shells like you see in many other places around Frankford. The majority concensus is that no one liked this neighbor before his house went up in flames; and no one really wants him back now. When L&I inspects, the truth will be told on the owners plans. I will call Philly311 myself tomorrow because I know 311 works.

  4. e·mer·i·tus   /ɪˈmɛrɪtəs/ Show Spelled
    [ih-mer-i-tuhs] Show IPA
    adjective, noun, plural -ti  /-ˌtaɪ, -ˌti/ Show Spelled
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    From what I read about the shenanigans of the past and the above definition, Emeritus isn’t really appropriate in this case.

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