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Frankford Second Saturday Festival

Part two of a busy Saturday filled with stuff was a stop at the Frankford Second Saturday Festival.  It was held in the parking lot at Frankford Square which is at Frankford Avenue and Unity Street.  Sponsored by the Frankford CDC, Aria Health and the Quicky Mart Express, it was billed as an arts festival.  As well as art and crafts, food was also on the menu and face painting and entertainment too.  There were vendors plying their wares and there was a crowd.  Frankford hasn’t seen anything on Frankford Avenue like this in a very long time.

I could not stay for more than about twenty minutes but I did catch Shades of Green,  the Irish Step Dancers (led by Lindsay Straub).  Later, there were performances by Matt Loukie and Mike Rydock.

Also on hand

  • Unfortunate American Design Company which is part of the Deadfish Media Group ( Amanda Driscoll and Kristen were the actual artists from DMG at the event.
  • Dumster Divers Art
  • Mark does Art
  • Nafisah Lewis – candles
  • Jessica Donnelly – jewelry
  • Ryan Henderson – graphic and abstract art,

Congratulations to Tracy O’Drain and Michelle Feldman on a job well done.  There is a short video below.  Have a look.