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Frankford CDC needs an Intern

From Michelle Feldman, Frankford CDC:

The Frankford Community Development Corporation is starting its search for an unpaid intern. You can find the job description here:
If you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them our way!   They can contact me directly at this email address or 215-743-6580. And it would be much appreciated if you could forward this email along to others.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Michelle Feldman

Commercial Corridor Manager
Frankford CDC
Phone: 215-743-6580
Fax: 215-743-6582

9 thoughts on “Frankford CDC needs an Intern

  1. Deadline for Analyses of Zoning Code Proposals

    Date: Friday August 19, 2011

    Location: The ZCC understands that some individuals or organizations may be working on an analysis of the Zoning Code Proposals sent to City Council in May.

    The ZCC respectfully requests that you submit your results by Friday August 19th to enable the ZCC to review and consider any recommendations prior to the September ZCC meeting and additional City Council hearings.

    Read (in the City Paper) about the Proposed Land Bank for the CDC:

    To put this information in context, John Taylor will operate his puppets in Northern Liberties, while Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez will have the Frankford CDC as her puppets.

    They will do as they are told to keep a paycheck. They will become the “New Dictators” to all who live in Frankford, because they never “cleaned house.”

    FCDC Board of Directors


    Marie DeLany, President – Overington House, Inc.
Dan Lodise, Vice President – Office of State Representative Brendan B. Boyle
Terence McSherry – Northeast Treatment Centers
Michael O’Brien

 Lynda DeSouza
Luis Vega
Thomas Marshall
 Mike Galdi, Century 21 Realty
 (not a resident)
    Herb Frayer, S&A Cleaners
Santo Caruso, Aria Health

    Faye Allen, Special People In Northeast
 Fernando Torres,
    Dreamgirl Fashion & Mark My Flesh

    Tracy O’Drain – Managing Director

    Michelle Feldman – Corridor Manager and Special Events Coordinator
Lisa DeMore – Bookkeeper

    Here is part of the problem -Marie Delany, board president of the Frankford Community Development Corporation:

    Nov 16, 2006 – Frankford aims for cleaner streets. By Diane Villano

    Frankford’s main thoroughfare is cleaner these days thanks to a partnership between NorthEast Treatment Centers [NET] and the neighborhood’s Main Street program, which helps revitalize the community’s economic development and is administered by the Frankford Community Development Corporation.

    Twelve men and women volunteers in blue T-shirts clean the sidewalks twice a week, from the 4200 block to the 5200 block of Frankford Ave., and from Bridge and Pratt streets to Womrath Park.

    This initiative supplements Frankford’s Special Service District’s daily street cleaning that began in September.

    NorthEast Treatment Centers is a 36-year-old organization that provides behavioral health care and social services for adults, children and their families.

    “For people to recover from drug and alcohol abuse, they need to develop within themselves values and behaviors, a sense of responsible concern for their recovery, the recovery of others and giving back to the community who is supporting you,” …

    When Schultz learned from Marie Delany, board president of the Frankford Community Development Corporation, that people were being sought to help Frankford’s turnaround, it seemed a perfect match. …

    Delany, the civic leader who also is executive director of the Overington House, a transitional living facility for homeless women and their children, hails the community partnership with NorthEast Treatment volunteers as a good thing for all involved.

    Delany said it is important for those in recovery to have something to do that offers a sense of purpose.

    “It’s difficult to get (those in recovery) to see that it doesn’t have to be the rest of their life,” Delany said.

    For more information about NorthEast Treatment Centers, visit
    Reporter Diane Villano can be reached at

    But within 5 months The Frankford Community Development Corporation begins to cannibalize itself for a paycheck:

    Apr 26, 2007 – FCDC hopes sale revitalizes. Frankford Avenue By Diane Villano-Prokop Times Staff Writer

    The Frankford Community Development Corp. has sold a building it owns at 4625 Frankford Ave. to a development company for $275,000.

    The structure, which houses a Third Federal Bank branch and once was the FCDC headquarters, was sold last week to Frankford Associates Limited.

    According to Jim McCarthy, who has revitalized several Frankford properties, including the jazz restaurant mozaic at 4524 Frankford Ave., he and three other investors came together to purchase the building as a way of helping to revitalize the avenue.

    Catherine Bowers, an FCDC board member who also is executive director of the Frankford Group Ministry, is pleased with the sale.

    “We know it’s in the best interest of the community,” she said.

    The sale of the building is the latest step taken by FCDC to revitalize its own fiscal health.

    “It was a huge burden for us,” Bowers said. “The building always had needs we couldn’t afford to take care of. The plan had always been to rent out other parts of the building, but the cost (of needed repairs) was always much more than the CDC could afford. It’s just been really a strain.”

    FCDC purchased the 12,200-square-foot property for $300,000 in 2003, during Steve Culbertson’s tenure as executive director of the organization. Some within the group have said the building acquisition soon proved to be a catalyst for FCDC’s financial problems.

    The building also served as the organization’s headquarters for more than three years. It has since relocated to 4900 Griscom St.

    Bowers said the building was put on the market in December 2005.

    “We had a lot of people look at it. Usually when they saw the needs it had, they went away,” she said, adding that other prospects were deterred when they realized that the bank would remain in the building as a tenant.

    An agreement of sale with Frankford Associates Limited was signed last November.

    Bowers said some title issues had to be resolved before the organization could go to settlement on the transaction.

    “It’s a huge relief and a victory. We’re so pleased that this is behind us,” Bowers said. “Now the board can concentrate on other things, other debts.”

    According to McCarthy, there is wonderful commercial space available in the building. He’ll replace the heating and air-conditioning systems, clean up the exterior and undertake some interior cosmetic work on the property, though the scope of that would depend on tenants, he said. ••

    Reporter Diane Villano-Prokop can be reached at

    Bowers & FGM went bankrupt because they could not sell the Church Windows.

    Zoning does matter!

    What do a proposed development in your neighborhood, a plan for the creation of a new public park, and an addition to your house have in common?  They are all dependent on your city’s zoning code.  And a zoning code should be fair, sensible and smart. Philadelphia’s current zoning code is out-of-date and out-of-touch with the needs of our City and our neighborhoods.

    In the May 2007 Primary, the citizens spoke loud and clear. Nearly 80% of the voters approved Ballot Question #6 which called for the creation of a Zoning Code Commission to reform and modernize Philadelphia’s Zoning Code.

    [PDF] Philadelphia Zoning Code Update Interim Report: Assessment of … Jun 13, 2011 – The irony of the existing Philadelphia zoning code seems to be that there are too many …… penal and correctional institutions; …


  2. P.A.
    Question: It appears the zoning commission wants to drastically reduce “Industrial Zoned Land”. If the zoning commission changes the zoning on what is now zoned “Industrial” to let’s say “Commercial” then how can the residents fight against what will follow with the new zoning?

  3. It’s my impression that when the new zoning code goes into effect, the result will be less opportunity for residents to oppose specific uses. In other words if it is within the classification of the area then there would be no grounds for opposition. So if its commercial and not prohibited then it cannot be opposed. Reducing the zoned area in the city for industrial use makes some sense under the current economic realities. Other experts may know more about this.

  4. If you think the Frankford CDC has any involvment with Maria Sanchez you are mistaken. Maria goes out of her way to insure the CDC gets nothing from the City. I was told she attended a CDC Board meeting and told the members the reason she would not help the CDC is because they have too many white Board members. So you are under the wrong impression about that group. The other groups I can’t say from personal knowledge. Also to update your info Lynda DeSouza and Thomas Marshall are no longer on that board.

  5. lyndad Says:

    “Maria goes out of her way to insure the CDC gets nothing from the City. … because they have too many white Board members.”

    I believe she would say something that ignorant & ethnic., especially since she has a Banana Republic Mentality.

    Her arrogant attitude may change, as soon as she needs something. That day is coming.

    “Lynda DeSouza and Thomas Marshall are no longer on that board.”

    Thanks for the update, I certainly do not know everything,

    Where I was going with all of this is:

    All community groups including the Civics (Frankford & Northwood), the CDC & Frankford’s Professional Businessmen’s Association need to sit at the same table – as New Zoning Changes are coming.

    People in Frankford have to get angry enough to stand up and demand better.

    That is the kind of thing that scares Politicians – seeing the community standing strong & working together.

    You can be a part of the New Zoning by giving input, or just sit quietly like a passive victim and take whatever is given you.


  6. @PA-I agree the voters are stuck on stupid and the neighborhood has also become more transient. There are less home owners and more renters now. I am not saying renters are bad people but I believe they are less invested in the community sometimes and may be less likely to get involved in zoning issues in my opinion.

  7. P.A. Stated: “That is the kind of thing that scares Politicians – seeing the community standing strong & working together.”

    Look at the number of residents that came to the Holmesburg meeting last night at Lincoln High School over the meth. clinic (750 residents according to

    Unfortunately between Frankford and Northwood we would not get that many residents at a meeting. Holmesburg is still a neighborhood of residents, many of them long time residents. Frankford/Northwood has too many renters and section 8 people who are not invested in the community and therefore don’t really care who or what moves into Frankford/Northwood.

    Unfortunately if that meth. clinic moves into Holmesburg they may begin to see many people moving out of their neighborhood, and renters and Section 8 people moving in and Holmesburg will be in the same position Frankford/Northwood is in now.

  8. P.A. Stated: “That is the kind of thing that scares Politicians – seeing the community standing strong & working together.”

    Lorraine Says: “Look at the number of residents that came to the Holmesburg meeting last night at Lincoln High School over the meth. clinic (750 residents according to

    Unfortunately between Frankford and Northwood …”

    The “Forces” have employed the oldest strategy invented – Divide & Conquer.

    They successfully pitted three Civic Associations against each as a means to an end for yet another “clinic” of sorts.

    This open wound will never heal.

    As a result – Frankford Civic will never be able to work with Juniata or Northwood.


    Game over – Politicians have beat the people again.

  9. To P.A.

    Sad but true!

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