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Zoning Hearing for 2580 Church Street

From one of our tipsters in Bridesburg in reference to the proposed Aramingo Rail Transfer Waste Terminal :

GREAT NEWS!!!!!! ART has just abandoned their permit to the zoning board! What that means is that they have turned in the zoning permit and are no longer planning to build a trash transfer station on Church Street. Alan spoke to John Ryan himself and we have an actual copy of the letter that was sent to the zoning board. Thank you all for your support. It has been a tough fight, but great to see what we can do together as a community.

When push comes to shove, can Frankford do this?

3 thoughts on “Zoning Hearing for 2580 Church Street

  1. This is great news; now everyone can continue collecting welfare, unemployment and the like because yet another employer was forced out of the area. Well done, well done. The city of Philadelphia and it’s residents really know how to boost the economy and create revenue.

  2. Again – You are so right.

    But how did you make a connection that people on welfare & unemployment somehow had an impact on this project?

    You are an economist? You have a crystal ball that tells you things?

    You are in Waste Management – managing waste? You have done the environmental impact study yourself?

    Here was the project summary:

    Aramingo Rail Transfer (ART) has submitted an application to the PA DEP Waste Management Program for an Individual permit to construct and operate a rail transfer station that would receive municipal and construction demolition (C&D) waste by trucks then transported by rail for disposal at permitted disposal facilities.

    The facility will conduct its operation at its property, 2580 Church Street, along Aramingo Avenue & Church Streets in Philadelphia.

    If you have questions about Aramingo Rail contact:

    Mr. John Ryan, Aramingo Rail Transfer LP
    31 Tamarack Rd., Mahopac, NY 10541,
    Telephone 845-621-0210

    Believe me or not – it’s all Politics.

    If our corrupt & broken politicians wanted a toxic cesspool there, it would be there no matter want any of us said.

    You do not seem to understand politics or money, so here is a primer:

    “Money in politics is the root of all political evil”

    “All serious discussions begin with this simple observation. If you skip over it, or pretend money in politics doesn’t matter, if you assume politicians are sincere, that they are earnest, you are fooling yourself. Apparently, you prefer to live in a world of bullxxxt. You have nobody to blame but yourself. Until Americans get serious about solving the root of all political evil, evil is what they will get.”

    This video (below) of Dylan Ratigan’s recent rant has gone viral in the blogosphere.

    Ratigan is slowly coming to the realization that he lives in the United States, not in La La Land where reasonable plans work.

    Now get back to work.

    All those welfare recipients are depending on you for their support.


  3. Pyrrho-Where did I say people on welfare and unemployment had an effect on this project? By the length of your post and the pessimistic views, I would have to guess that you are in one of the 2 categories I mentioned though. Have no fear though a new super Wawa is being built on the Boulevard, so there will be at least 2 dozen new minimum wage paying jobs created. As for the rail transfer station it will open somewhere because there is obviously a demand for it. The municipality that allows it to open will surely reap the benefits of high paying jobs.

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