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Hurricane Irene Flood Video of Pennypack Creek

This is from Fred Moore:

I was at Pennypack Creek and Frankford Ave at 8:30 AM Sunday.  Missed the high water peak by about 30 minutes.  Still plenty of water going under the bridge.  I’d say it was about equal to – maybe just shy of Hurricane Floyd.  About 2 feet from the top of the two larger arches.  Appears to be less debris buildup at the bridge than with Floyd.
11 minute composite video from the railroad trestle at the back St Dom’s cemetery to just downstream from the 1697 King’s Highway Bridge at Frankford Ave.  Including confused great blue heron.

1 thought on “Hurricane Irene Flood Video of Pennypack Creek

  1. Great video. Loved the blue heron. Irene certainly left her mark.

    It was a stressfull night, especially when the tornado warning came on the TV.

    I was one of the lucky ones – no power outage – no flooding – no trees falling on my house – just a loss of sleep.

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