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Hurricane Irene in Frankford

I have to admit, I thought we might have made it through with very little damage in Frankford until I took the tour this afternoon.  I first had a look at the water level of the Frankford Creek where it crosses Wingohocking Street.  At 1 PM it was certainly higher than usual but not near flood stage.

Then I took a tour around the area.  There was a tree down at Wingohocking and Castor on the corner of the golf course.  There is another on Large at Adams in the parking lot of the pharmaceutical company.  It crushed the fence when it fell.

The was another fairly small tree down at Kinsey and Hedge Streets.  One of the homeowners said it fell at the beginning of the storm yesterday.

The big tree on the corner of Dyre and Frankford on the hospital property is down and blocking Frankford Avenue.

Another big tree on Oxford Avenue between Dyre and Oakland fell back against the big single home that it has been guarding all these years.

Finally in the 4700 block of Oakland a tall tree fell and landed on one car while damaging another.  Traffic is blocked there also.

This morning Joe Menkevich sent me these pictures of the home at the corner of Arrott and Horrocks.

I guess it could have been much worse.  You can see some of the pictures below.  Click on the image to see it full size.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene in Frankford

  1. Did you happen to walk by the old FGM church? I’m wondering if any more of the church fell down.

  2. I didn’t notice that it was any different than it had been but I didn’t stop just went by on my way down the street.

  3. On the 1200 block of Haworth a tree branch went through someone’s windshield.

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