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Mural Arts Program Meeting Tonight

This is a quick reminder of our second mural planning meeting which will be taking place tomorrow, Thursday, at 6 p.m. at Denby’s Sweet Sensations, 4428 Frankford Avenue.

We had a very productive meeting last week, so I’d also like to thank everyone who made it to our first meeting, and thank again Therice for her sensational sweets.

Highlights from last week:

We did some brainstorming in groups on three concepts and then identified the ideas that were most important to everyone. Here are those most important:

Concept 1: What do you treasure in/about Frankford?

– History

– Positive Role Models

– Diversity (socioeconomics, ages, education, etc.)

– Untapped Potential

– Green Space

– Hope

Concept 2: What are the challenges that Frankford faces?

– Unemployment (may be connected: drugs, crime)

– Crime Issues

– Communication

– Restoration of strong traditions (parades, local school)

– Negative Perception

– Education

– Role Models (lack of)

Concept 3: Advice to the artist

The top two ideas that all three groups mentioned were:

– Frankford lives on the streets–walk around, meet and get to know the residents

– Work with the youth of Frankford

This week:

We will be working with some new brainstorming concepts, connected to last week’s outcomes.   Thank you so much for your dedication to your community! We really look forward to continuing our exploration with you.   hope you all can urge others to join us,

Netanel Portier (formerly Eliezer)

Project Manager