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Better Know a Frankford Business with the Frankford CDC: Bamba & Saouty


You may have seen all the news stories by now: America has become fascinated with healthy eating, and everyone from policy makers in Washington, DC to store owners on Frankford Avenue are working to help make fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable and available. Frankford Avenue, specifically, is lucky to have a great produce store, Bamba & Saouty, to help you and your family get the fruits and vegetables you need to stay fit and healthy.

Bamba’s, located at 4603 Frankford Avenue, is one of the best kept secrets in Frankford. If you’re looking for staples like apples and bananas, or something more exotic like kiwi or mango, drop by the shop and introduce yourself. Produce isn’t all you’ll find at Bamba’s at affordable prices, either: he also carries other essentials for a healthy diet, like nuts and raisins. If he doesn’t have what you need in stock right that moment, Bamba will make sure he gets it for you – and he delivers! Stop in or call (215) 289-1825.

Bamba is also working hard to make sure his healthy fare can reach as many Frankford families as possible. In fact, he just moved his shop so that he can offer a wider variety of products to our community. This expansion helps him to continue providing an important product to the Frankford community, and we at the Frankford CDC truly enjoy working with him, and buying his produce.