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Sweet Frankford

I’ve been patrolling You Tube for Frankford related video and found a few interesting things.  This one, which the CDC slipped by me, is ready for public viewing.  They will be telling us more, in the future, about these two businesses and how they came to be in Frankford.  Philly Love Bar and A Cupcake Wonderland.


1 thought on “Sweet Frankford

  1. What a lame attempt at promoting the Frankford CDC. I learned nothing about Philly Love Bar or A Cupcake Wonderland. The FCDC did the same thing with the interview at Sweet Sensations.

    Some advice to the FCDC: stop trying so hard to promote yourselves.

    On a positive note: your piece on Bamba & Saouty was wonderful because you were actually promoting his produce business and not FCDC.

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