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Growing Up in Frankford Part 5

Continuation of Lyle (Corky) Larkin remembers:

Christmas At Wanamaker’s

Christmas was always my favorite time of the year to go down town and take in all the amazing sights of the city streets dressed up in festive style, with  lights strung across Market St. and the candle cut-outs fastened to the street lights. There was a Santa in front of each of the Major Department stores  ringing his Salvation Army bell while standing next to the ever familiar tripod with kettle. The most fascinating part of the trip was the various scenes the “Window Dressers” created for each of the Department stores. These artists would create complete wonderland scenes or have manikins so real looking  that sometime you actually had to look twice just to make sure. Meeting under the Eagle, was the accepted unofficial meeting place if you got separated  from your partner while shopping. It always amazed me how many people would just be standing there around that huge gold statue of the eagle until  their partner showed up.

To be continued…