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Sun Has Set on the Frankford Special Services District

I note with regret the passing of the Frankford Special Services District.  The legislation that created the FSSD had a sunset provision which meant that it had to be renewed by City Council to continue beyond the end of 2011 and that did not happen.

Tim Wisniewski, the FSSD Executive Director,  has moved on the a position in the Philadelphia Managing Director’s office.  The folks who worked on the street for the FSSD have, we hope, found other employment.  Their loss will be the most visible since they did contribute significantly toward a cleaner and safer business corridor.

The loss of the FSSD now puts a greater burden on the Frankford CDC which is the only entity left standing working toward the improvement of the Frankford business district.

There is a meeting scheduled for January 19th at 6PM by the CDC to discuss their 2011 accomplishments and 2012 plans.  This is a public meeting where you are invited to hear from them and share your ideas with the CDC staff.  It will be held in the second floor conference room at Aria Health.  Don’t be left out of the process, come to the meeting.