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Mural Arts Project Reaches Milestone

Cesar Viveros and Netanel Portier were at the Historical Society of Frankford on Sunday, the 29th, for the last group of video interviews of Frankford residents.  They have now completed over forty sit down interviews with people from every area of Frankford expressing their feelings, hopes, dreams, memories, aspirations and desires of and for Frankford.  They have done a fantastic job in reaching out to as many people as they could because they want our input into this project.

Cesar Viveros interviews Sophia Lewis

The interviews are source material for the artistic vision of Cesar as he begins to compile what will make up the eight murals that will line the Frankford Avenue corridor.  The interviews will be edited and produced  into a single video which will debut at the Historical Society on a date to be announced.  The videos will also become available on a YouTube page about the same time.

We’ll be following along with the project as it moves into the actual production of the murals and hope to document the process as it moves along.  Coincidentally the murals should be finished by the time we celebrate the 90 anniversary of the opening of the Frankford El this November.

It’s a good time to be in Frankford.