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Payton Looks to Debate Challenger

If you have lived in Frankford for a long time, you may remember the years when we never noticed that we had a state representative.  I always have to look up his name to remember what it was.  That changed in 2006 when Tony Payton tossed his hat into the ring.

This year a challenger, Tracie Clay, is opposing him in the upcoming Democratic primary on April 24th.  Tony has proposed a debate.

Dear Mr.  Clay:

After waiting 2 weeks for a reply, I am resending this letter to you.

Welcome to the race to become the Pennsylvania State Representative for the 179th District. One of the cornerstones of our society is one’s ability to choose who represents them throughout the various levels of government. As we move forward, it is crucial that we make decisions based on the best interest for the district to ensure the people of the 179th have as much information as possible to base their decision.

As you know, the serious issues facing the communities within the district demand comprehensive and result-based plans for change. This election should focus on these issues and our plans to address them. Let us not view this process as a formality but a call to action and a means to unite the district in our efforts to empower and enrich the men, women and children within this district and across the State of Pennsylvania.

This election will be about who can provide sound leadership that produces growth and advancement in times of hardship. In our pursuit of this position, we should come together to discuss and contrast our ideas and put them to any test the electors deem necessary. I invite you to 7, 90 minute debates to do just that. We should respect that the 179th district deserves honest and fair candidates who are willing to defend challenges to their ideas.  If accepted, we will negotiate further details (i.e. location(s), topics, rules, etc.).  

 Again, welcome to the race. I look forward to presenting my ideas and solutions for the issues facing the 179th Legislative District.


 Tony Payton Jr.


“Work and education are the levers to uplift a people. If we do not lift them up, they will bring us down.” – W.E.B. Dubois


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This could get interesting.

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  1. Any relation to the recently deceased former Frankford Civic president Francis Clay?

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