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Demolition Begins

This great old church building is coming down.



4 thoughts on “Demolition Begins

  1. Please tell me who the short sighted bozo’s were who allowed this fine old church to deteriorate to the point where this happened? And now what? Yet another trash strewn empty lot?

  2. I have to admit my first thought was along the same lines but upon further reflection I have backed off on that idea. I think it comes down to money. There was not money to maintain the building. The Central United Methodist moved and gave the building to the nonprofit Frankford Group Ministry. That was not a good move for the building since a structure of that size and age would need a lot of investment just to keep up with maintenance. The only fault I see is that Frankford is so segmented that the community did not see the risk to this building coming. If community resources had been mustered the problem might have been mitigated.

  3. I’m hoping that at least the stained glass windows and some of the beautiful woodwork was at least salvaged. It’s so sad to see yet another Frankford landmark fall to the wrecking ball. It’s too bad someone couldn’t have found some kind of use for it. Reminds me too much of the Benjamin Rush House, and so many other places that this city is so rich with and so negligent of.

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