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Rare Duffield Surveyors Compass Rediscovered at the Historical Society of Frankford

Tuesday night at the first 2012 meeting of the Historical Society of Frankford, Torben Jenk and Joe Menkevich were taking advantage of the behind the scenes tour of the building to look into the corners.  In the process, a rare 18th century Duffield Compass caught their eye.  This instrument is over 200 years old.  It has been in the collection for a long time but it takes an expert eye to see the significance of an item of that kind.  There may be a program in the fall to discuss the significance of that find.

In other news from the meeting, Jim Young, President of the Society laid out plans for further improvements to the building this year made possible by a grant.  This will include finishing up exterior gutter replacements, interior painting and upgrades to the rest room on the lower level. Young says this year the budget is balanced.

There are additions to the board which were voted on and approved at the meeting. Several new volunteers have come into the group this year who will lend valuable expertise in several areas that heretofore have been lacking.

The next meeting of the Historical Society of Frankford will be on Tuesday April 10th with a presentation by Allen Hornblum on K & A’s SECOND STORY MEN.  Allen is a great storyteller.  You won’t want to miss seeing him.