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Wekend Update

Thanks to webmaster, Jim Smiley, we (he) rolled over the Gazette to a new web host.  Fortunately this involved nothing on my part else it would not have been done.  We were most concerned that we would not lose any of the almost five years of our historic news posts.  The move was successful and nobody noticed and not a bit or byte was lost.

On the office front, we converted the internet service to Verizon FIOS.  We were one of the first on our block to see the guy in the red shirt knocking on doors and the offer for a 2 year deal with smoking fast internet is attractive with the amount of traffic that we send out.  The installation is time consuming (allow 4 hours) because of the new equipment that they have to put in for fiber optics.  Our job was done with little fuss by Mr. Jeffrey Maxwell.  I highly recommend him and, so far, FIOS.