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A Living Testimony

We had the privilege of being invited to the 2nd Baptist Church (1801 Meadow Street) back on Friday March 23rd for the first performance of their Easter presentation called “A Living Testimony”.  Mrs. Smiley and I were both overwhelmed by the experience.  It is almost inconceivable that a little church in Frankford could put on a presentation of this quality.  From conception to production it was absolutely first class and my only regret was that I was not prepared to record it completely.

It was made up entirely of church members.  The costumes were beautiful which you can see by the slide show below.  The music and choreography was first class and the performances were truly moving.  I would greatly recommend that you attend if you get a chance in the future.

The slide show include audio that I recorded live while I was taking the stills that run with it.  It runs 4 minutes and 17 seconds but is worth a look.  The entire cast and production crew are listed in the credits at the end.