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Frankford Civic Association Meeting 4/5/2012

The Frankford community is once again confronted by the issue of the property at 4691 Hawthorne Street which was formerly the T&T bar.  The T&T was the scene of the murder of Chris Spence last year and a new owner has taken over the property with the intention of opening a grocery store.  A zoning petition has been filed and therefore support from the Frankford Civic Association will be necessary for the use to be approved.  Because of community concerns, a community meeting is being planned which is tentatively scheduled for April 24th at the 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.  The Civic will follow the will of the community as is determined at that meeting.  When we have a final schedule for the meeting we will publish it here and on the community calendar.

In other news at the meeting, zoning issues occupied the board for the entire night.  An application for an addition to the Love and Faith Church at 1680 Bridge Street was approved.  Application for a carport at 5117 Torresdale Avenue was not approved.  Application for a four family dwelling conversion at 2001 Bridge Street was not approved.

The application to sell beer at the Quickie Mart at Unity Street and Frankford Avenue was discussed by the board and members.  The owner made a presentation at a Civic meeting earlier this year and has moved forward with his application.  He has stated that he cannot continue to operate the business successfully without the additional revenue the beer sales would bring in.  Numerous take out beer outlets already exist in that area and members are concerned.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be on May 3rd at 7Pm at Aria Health.