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Thirty Three Guns Turned in at St. Joachims

Pete Specos of the 15th PDAC watches as another gun is inventoried

There was a major haul on Saturday at St. Joachim’s as 33 weapons were turned in for Shop Rite gift cards.

It was one of the most successful days in quite some time as officers from the 15th Police District spent Saturday morning in the O’Kane Room at St. Joachim Parish hall.  11 rifles and 22 hand guns were exchanged for a gift card from the Shop Rite at Frankford Avenue and Knorr St.

Kudos to the Pastor, Father Steve Wetzel, at St. Joachim,  Pete Specos of the 15th PDAC (Police District Advisory Council), Shop Rite and the officers of the 15th District for getting these weapons off the street.